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Upon exiting the oven, the panettone is baked and finished.
Daily production is divided into lots and placed on special carts for cooling, which takes place at room temperature until the next day, for at least 10 hours.

When the product has cooled down, we perform a statistical control of all production from the previous day according to specific tables.
These checks are made on a fixed number of Panettoni and special equipment is used to measure their temperature, humidity, free water and weight.
These surveys are recorded and stored and used to discard the production lot that does not fall in predetermined quality specifications.
The lot, instead, that has passed the controls is brought to bag-filling machines that close it tightly, using metal ring/twist seal, in a transparent bag for foodstuffs, the Panettone along with a Vanilla Mist solution, natural alcohol and sorbic acid in order to promote the preservation of Panettone until 8 months from date of manufacture.
During this operation, a further visual inspection is performed on each individual piece to eliminate the Panettone with aesthetic imperfections both of form and color.

The next morning it therefore has completed its production cycle and the Panettone is placed, by hand, in the beautiful and refined packaging.